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The Weird Times

In The Weeds



Being a trail of lies and deceit with occasional amusing moments....

In The Weeds

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Been traveling a bit--nothing glamorous, mostly family related issues.  I have this odd tendency to forget that I can blog on the road and then when I get home, I realize I haven't checked in to the blog and feel guilty.

Laura 2 has begun already.  I feels odd to mention that at this point since SKIN DEEP, the first Laura Blackstone novel, won't see the light of a bookstore until July.  Amazon has the cover up already, and here it can be preordered already (!).

I am  pleased with the imagery.  The Laura books will be more thriller oriented than Connor.  They exist in the same world though.  And, yes, if things work out, they may meet at some point.

  • July? Sad. So long? I'm all caught with the Conner Grey series and a bunch of other new series, and it looks like July will be the earliest for a new volume of any of them. The cover looks really good, though.
  • Awesome cover. I like that she's not wearing leather and carrying a gun, sword, stake, or pie. :>
  • Nice.. I see Ace is sharing some of our fonts and colors.. hehe..q
  • the cover's good to look at. did you have any say as far as the model for Laura's concerned?
    i hope i'll like Laura, cause i'll definitely be looking forward to her crossing paths with Connor. i do like that kind of play within a fictional universe. :)
  • A nice, evocative cover. I like it.

    Looking forward to it.
  • Sweet! It looks great.
  • (Anonymous)
    thats ok it will be my bday present. can't wait.
  • Love the new cover!
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