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On Endings...



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On Endings...

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UNDONE DEEDS came out in February 2012. Contrary to conventional wisdom, I did not blog like crazy promoting the book. The reason I didn’t was because, as I saw almost the moment the book was published, people were asking if it was the last in the series. I didn’t know how to go about answering this question since I didn’t know myself if the series was ending.

Some people who have read UNDONE DEEDS will be surprised at that. Some people who have read UNDONE DEEDS will not be surprised at that. See what I did there?

First, let me make it official: UNDONE DEEDS is the last book in the series.(and, I should add, Ace has decided not to continue the Laura Blackstone series either).

As it stands, the series tells the Connor Grey story I wanted to tell. I certainly can continue with the Convergent World. There are plenty still to be told, but this particular story had its arc.

But what of Connor?

I told a (series) story with a specific ending in mind from the beginning. The scene on the beach at the end? It’s one of the very first scenes I envisioned---six books and over a decade ago. In the interest of fair play, I will answer questions—but I want to avoid explaining anything I think is explained in the books, or at least deducible.

NOTE: Inherently, I think comments will contain SPOILERS, particular the end. If you haven’t read UNDONE DEEDS, I do suggest you avoid this thread.
  • Wow, I never even noticed this book come out. I don't recall seeing it at the bookstore, and it certainly never came directly from Ace like many of my review copies do. Now I'll have to go looking for it. I'm going to miss this series, it was always one I enjoyed. (As you probably remember.)
    • Let me know if you have trouble (glowbee aatt markdelfranco.com). I have no idea why you didn't get a copy! Thanks, as always, for your support.
  • Hey Mark! I'm so sorry to hear Ace isn't renewing either series. I really, truly loved the Connor books and will miss his world (and your rich writing--at least until your next thing, whatever that may be). Wishing you the best!
  • The Ending?

    I enjoyed the series... I can't say I liked the ending, but I think it fit the transformation of earth being the permanent home for the other worldly creatures.

    I was also curious about how the Murdoch clan handled their transformation... Any further development.

    Thanks for writing the series.
  • Endings..

    I found this to be a good ending to a great series. It felt bitter sweet to me, as I've grown attached to the characters.

    Really enjoyed the world you've built and would have loved to see more of it.

    Please do continue your world buildings, be it in the Convergent worlds or new ones. You have fans out here, so if publishers are reluctant to pick it up, put it on Kickstarter. We'll help fund it, so that we get to read more of your books (another riveting series please!).

  • Alas, I am very sad that this was the last of the Connor Grey books. I've loved every last word of them. Same with the Laura Blackstone books.
  • Sad to see the end...

    I really enjoyed the series & the books... however the ending did confound me. Are they all now in parallel dimensions?

    What exactly happened to Connor? Was he reabsorbed or something (into the higher consciousness)?

    Any crumbs of info you'd care to share would be appreciated -- sometime symbols just fly right past me. :)
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